How To Decorate With Hardwood Floors

If you have just had or plan on having hardwood flooring installed in your home or business, chances are that you will need to redesign the interior space to match the visual aesthetic of your new flooring.

For individuals without a creative interior design streak, deciding on the right wall color, accents, and furniture can be tricky.

Homeowners having trouble picking new design elements for their home’s hardwood floors should consider the following advice on how to decorate for their hardwood flooring!


The easiest hardwood flooring to decorate for is those that have a contemporary design. These floors come in either unfinished or finished wood and can be sanded down to any finish the owner desires. Popular finishes include clear epoxy, polyurethane, or varnish.

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These hardwood floors best accompany interior design elements that are simple and minimalistic in their aesthetic, including earth tones and glass coffee tables.


More and more homes are installing laminate hardwood flooring for their superior look and maintenance simplicity. These floors come in all varieties of hardwood and are best matched with contemporary furnishings that are slim in stature and have clean lines.

Additionally, conditioned dark woods also compliment the look and feel of laminate hardwood flooring.


If your home has a country interior, it can be tricky to compliment your hardwood flooring with furnishings as this design aesthetic is already pretty wood-based. However, homeowners committed to upgrading their interiors should play off hardwood floors in oakland ca by implementing minimalistic wooden accents to match flooring knots, grain, and texture.

For the best interior design options, consider hiring a professional decorator when hardwood flooring has been installed. They can often save time and money when designing an interior space to match your hardwood flooring.